Love working at home but hate working alone? Join me this Wednesday for virtual coworking! How does virtual coworking work? We’ll meet via Zoom and work on our own work (camera on or off). Being able to see others can make you feel more motived and less lonely. There are many reasons why physically going … Read more

It’s a #coffeeshopmorning and I’m working on getting caught up on podcasts. #SimplePinPodcast (from @simplepinmedia) is always a favorite. What are your favorite podcasts to listen to? When do you prefer to listen to podcasts – when you’re working, when your cleaning, exercising, etc?

Are you ready for what’s coming next? Whether its the New Year, new quarter, or just new motivation, we all want to make it easier to achieve our goals. Often times, the biggest stumbling blocks are caused by not having the basic in place – not having the right foundation to build on to achieve … Read more

How is it October already? Although I’m fully ready for sweaters and cozy socks and soup, but I am not prepared to be writing a “10” for the month when I date things. It’s officially Q4 and it’s time to start winding up the year, and making plans for the next. This is the time … Read more

When I was a kid, my grandfather would take us “buckeye hunting” in the fall. We would go to a local park and fill 5-gallon buckets with buckeyes like this and then spend the rest of the fall/winter playing with them in all kids of ways. Seeing these every year feels like a sure sign … Read more

This episode is gold! Denise Duffield Thomas gives feedback on the process of buying 64 courses from small businesses that she supported during the pandemic. Lots of good info about how to make the process more appealing and easier for your customers. Episode 19. If you’re selling on your website, definitely check this out. @denisedt … Read more


Losing faith in your ability to create, achieve, and manifest is one of the scariest things a person can go through. Ironically, that is actually something I have experienced multiple times throughout my life – both in my body and my relationships.. I know how it feels – powerless, as if there is no control. … Read more